"The Sound Of Music" - Julie Andrews was the first who occupied our meadow between the hills and mountains near the castle of "Hohenwerfen" and my hometown "Werfen/Pfarrwerfen" (Countryside of Salzburg) in 1965. We always played the game "robber and policeman" on this hillside where Julie and the kids are dancing and singing.

2015: 50th anniversary - celebrated in Werfen/Austria and America.


"Where Eagles Dare" - it was in 1968 when Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood filmed in my hometown "Werfen/Pfarrwerfen" (Countryside of Salzburg) for half a year. This picture above was made at the railway station were I grew up (see below).

I also wanted to become a star,... :-))

"Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich" - ...und auch Roy Black kam mit Lisa Film im Jahr 1972 vorbei und drehte im Sommer in und um Werfen/Pfarrwerfen einen lsutigen Film, wo viele WerfenerInnen und PfarrwerfenerInnen als StatistInnen mitwirkten.

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