In 1998 I formed the girlgroup called "Marvellous" and I launched my first Debut Album "Cause Real Love Is...". For Marvellous I still write all the Songs.


In 2000 I participated in a composer contest which I won. The single "Women In Tears" became number one on the official Austrian Broadcasting Station in Vienna = Radio Wien. We got nice air play and were very happy :-))


In 2005 Sony/BMG put our christmas song „Why Only At Christmas“ on a CompilationCD called Austro Pop Show 2005 and became No. 7 on Ö3 Austria Top 40 CompilationCharts.

I'm Brigitte "Gitti" Guggenbichler from The Marvellous. I was born in Vienna and grew up in the 22nd district. I studied trade & business management and hold a master's degree. I speak fluently in several languages such as English, French & Italian. Few years ago I quit my job as a manager's secretary in a big mobile telecommunication company to become a professional singer and performer. I worked with some well known artists such as, Tom Lang, Joni Madden, Christian Zida, Life Brothers, ABBAriginal, Roland Guggenbichler, Hannes Oberwalder, Bobby Gutdeutsch,... With Wolfgang Ambros and Hansi Hinterseer I have toured in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, with great success. Music is my life and my passion, but my interests widely vary. In between of making marvellous music, I often work as an assistant director (Opernball, Kommissar Rex, Karajan-Doku, Mozart-Doku-2006,...), or on the set, where I take charge of all extras.

In 1998 Hansi came into my life, asking me, whether I'm interested in a project called Marvellous. He started to create a special Marvellous sound, and wrote Marvellous songs and it all began to fall into place like pieces in a puzzle, a Marvellous puzzle!....


2002 The manager of Hansi Hinterseer took notice of Marvellous and since than I have been on tour with Hansi Hinterseer :-) Tilli Erak quit the job and I had to find another Marvellous.


Once a year I am going on a cruise with the MS Europa around the ocean :-)

Hi! I am Sylvia "Sylvie" Masana! I also sing vocals in this Marvellous group.

I was born in Vienna and grew up there.


1996 I had my first band called Dampflock.

1997 my second: "For tea 4".

Then I built and developed my voice. I supported Andy Lee Lang in Vienna, Paris,...

1998 I sang a spot for Interspar. I’ve had gigs with Monti Beton, and projects with bands like Quasibodo, Respect and No-Name. Before I got married I was a hot-blooded biker-lady. I also travelled to Bangkok, Canada, Italy, Spain Egypt and in Cuba I dove between the coral reefs,... I enjoy listening to great music such as Blues, Jazz and Soul.

2014 I like to sing on weddings - I have built my own little business in this field.


I am very happy that this year I have been invited by Gitti to be her substitute on a cruise of the MS Europa - that's great!!!


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